About Our Club

Our Club is an employer-led social enterprise programme tackling UK unemployment and creating a community where people can thrive and flourish in business, sports and across communities.

Made up of an eclectic suite of development activities which have been designed to help promote healthier and happier lifestyles including daily sporting activities, regular participation and nutritional sessions facilitated by the Our Club team of Health and Wellbeing Coaches.

The purpose of Our Club is to tackle unemployment by creating aspiration and unlocking potential this enables us to support people to flourish. By doing this we are building a talent pipeline whilst promoting inclusive, integrated sustainable people development.

Our Club Results

In our first year with candidates from varying backgrounds, each with a personal story to tell of the challenges and frustrations that they had encountered in seeking employment, we ran a set of programmes across the country with the following impressive results:

87% of candidates secured work on completion of the programme

81% remain in work after three months

77% remain in work after six months

Recent programmes are seeing 100% success in to work.

How to get involved

Sponsor a hub - If your organisation is interested in a seat at the table of bringing transformational change to communities across the UK. Please give us a call to learn more. We are looking for organisations committed to joining us in leading the strategy for influencing development of our youth, promoting and aligning their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and actively tackling unemployment.

Volunteer your time as a support facilitator - If you are behavioural coach or facilitator and would like to give back to society, give us a call to discuss how you as an individual can make a difference to these people. Believe us when we say it is extremely rewarding to see the transformations Our Club is making on people's lives.

Offer the opportunities for jobs - Without the job opportunities what is this all about. We require forward thinking, innovative and person centred organisations to create the job opportunities for our youth - becoming our Employer Partners. What you will get in return is loyal, committed and extremely grateful employees who have begun their journey of continuous personal development.

Invest in our Leadership and personal excellence behavioural programmes - Taking our leadership development and sports coaching skills we have created this high impact, transformational suite of programmes. All commercial activity from leadership programmes are reinvested back into our community projects. Contact the Centre of Coaching Excellence to discuss your learning and development requirements.

Make a donation - Contact us today to make a donation to support this transformation community initiative.

"To really make a difference to people's lives we need organisations to provide the job opportunities, to work with us to build a culture of continuous learning and development empowering people to be the very best they can be"

Christina Dennis, CEO Centre of Coaching Excellence

Insight into Our Club

A short video to help explain who we are and what we can do to help you

Posted by Our Club on Wednesday, 15 April 2015